Exito AI & Big Data Suites – IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM Smart City, Big Data

IBM Intelligent Operations Center & etc

  • IBM Intelligent Operations Center provides operational insight to help city leaders build and manage a safer, smarter city.
  • IBM Intelligent Operations Center integrates systems providing visibility into overall city, and underlying agency status, and helping optimize operational efficiency. Integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration, and deep analytics help city agencies prepare for problems, plan for growth, and coordinate and manage response efforts. As a result, leaders can effectively deliver services in a more sustainable fashion, enhancing the ongoing efficiency of city operations while protecting citizens and driving economic growth.

IBM Smarter Cities Intelligent Operations Center 1.6 Demo

IBM Watson: How it Works?

IBM Watson AI, Big Data and Cloud Platform

  • Watson is the AI platform for professionals.
  • IBM Watson – Harness the power of AI and turn data into new ways of doing business. Let’s put smart to work.
  • Watson gives your business distinct advantages. Beyond optimizing the tasks you already do, AI enables new ways of doing business.
  • Watson AI systems are only as smart as the people who train them. From healthcare and education to finance, transportation, and energy, Watson is trained by leading experts in your field. It understands the language of your industry and taps into deep domain knowledge to help you make more informed decisions faster.

Exito IOT Suites – Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart Plantation / Agriculture, Smart Digital Signage, Smart Fleet Tracking, Smart Street Light

ExitoIOT Suites

ExitoIOT Suites consist of:

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Plantation / Agriculture
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Digital Signage
  • Smart Student Tracking
  • Smart Fleet / Vehicle Tracking

Smart Energy / Street Light

  • Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that securely leverage sensors, meters and digital controls, and analytics to better monitor and manage the flow of energy and information to help enable a smart grid and smarter energy usage.
  • Optimize grid performance, ensure uptime of assets, reduce costs and outages, and enable businesses and consumers to better manage their own energy usage to meet their individual needs.

Smart Plantation / Agriculture

  • The smart sensor unit for farm automation comprises of various type of devices which can detect events or changes in its environment and trigger a corresponding output.
  • Smart farm actually gives a real time reading of various data that are crucial in agricultural field and pass on the data to the actuators through a gateway. Some of the sensors used are:
  1. Analog soil moisture sensor
  2. DHT digital temperature humidity sensor
  3. pH sensor
  4. Ambient light
  5. Wind, Sunlight intensity, etc

Smart Home / Building

  • The digital and physical integration and automation of home, building, technology and energy systems – reduce operating costs, improve occupancy services, and minimize the building’s impact on the environment.
  • Transform facilities management and ensure compliance with green building standards. End-to-End IoT solution makes it easy to monitor and optimize all the systems in your home / buildings simply and affordably.

Smart Digital Signage

  • Smart Digital Signage Solutions is a cloud based solution which enable clients to easily access to their signage(s) anytime from anywhere through internet. It also can be customized for clients who like to have their contents on their preferred choice of cloud.
  • Designed to satisfy the needs of the private sector and SMEs by considering current trend and needs of the market and our environment.

Smart Student / Kids / Elderly/ Pets Tracker

  • The SMART IOT Tracking solutions is a custom developed solution to cater the needs of “Protect anything, anytime, anywhere”
  • Protect your family, pets or any goods with our Smart Tracker. If a problem occurs, you simply have to push the panic button and it will automatically send a SMS alerts with your GPS coordinates. Also, you can keep an eye on your loved ones in real time whenever you want through a free web service or using your mobile.

Smart Fleet / Vehicle (Taxi, Motorcycle) Tracker

  • Innovative Smart GPS software solution for tracking all types of vehicles, fleet management and assets.
  • Our advanced fleet tracking, vehicle diagnostics and fleet management software provides necessary tools you need to ensure your fleet stays on schedule, operates efficiently, and helps you reduce fleet operational cost.

Exito Enterprise Software – ERP, HCMS, Mobility and Property Sales System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

  • A comprehensive ERP solution that provides a holistic operational platform, well suited and designed for various business lines and accomplished with the aid of up-to-date and multi-dimensional information being presented in meaningful ways.

Property Sales and Management System (For Property Developer)

  • Our Property Sales and Management System is mobile-enabled and web-enabled.
  • Its fully configurable administrative functionality and interface defines the property sales process from start to finish, and ensures that every component of the development rollout is measurable and available to all parties at any given time, regardless of geographic location.
  • Designed for multiple project supervision, property management and flexible general ledger detailing functions up to sales and administration with detailed reporting and analysis.

People360HCMS Human Capital Management System

  • Total Integrated Modern Online HCMS solutions portal with 28 modules which includes e-Training, Job Portal, On Boarding, e-Recruitment, e-Claims , e-Manpower, e-Performance Management, e-Succession, e-Staff, e-Leave, e-OT, e-Travel, , e-Compensation, Attendance, Payroll, KPI and etc modules.
  • Helping Head of HR and Admin to AUTOMATE Training, Recruitment, On-Boarding, Appraisal, KPI Performance and HR Announcement Processes – by Going DIGITAL AND PAPERLESS.
  • Our software is Modular Basis and Agnostic, which mean our solution can be deployed by module and co-exist with your current Leave / Payroll / Attendance system. We offer both the Outright Purchase or Cloud Computing (Saas) models for all our customers.

Exito Cloud Solutions and Hosting

Amazon AWS

  • Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise Cloud Hosting
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite

Google For Work

  • Google for Work, Drive, Vault
  • Google Android for Work
  • Google Chromebox for Meeting
  • Google Chromebooks
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Maps & Geospatial
  • Google Search Appliances (GSA)
  • Google Adwords / Analytics
  • Google for Education

Microsoft Cloud Solution

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Sharepoint / Power BI

Exito Infrastructure and Networking

Enterprise Hardware & IT Supply

  • IBM Power Systems (AIX, IBM I, Linux) servers and parts
  • IBM Systems x (xSeries) servers and parts
  • IBM storage (disk and tape) systems and parts
  • EMC enterprise storage systems and parts
  • HP UNIX systems and parts
  • Cisco network & security equipment
  • Oracle (Sun) enterprise servers and parts

Infrastructure Facilities & Technical Services

  • Network Infrastructure Connectivity Design and Implementation
  • Network & Security Design
  • High Availablity (HA) Solutions
  • Backup Solutions
  • Installations and configuration (Hardware & Virtualization)

Honeywell Handheld / Mobile Devices – ScanPal EDA51

  • The ScanPal EDA51 helps businesses increase employee efficiency with an intuitive touchscreen, a powerful processor, an industry leading scanner, and a long-life battery to help mobile workers get more done in less time.
  • The ScanPal™ EDA51 mobile computer, the newest member of Honeywell’s popular ScanPal family, is that tool. With a fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SDM450 processor and robust wireless connectivity, your workers can access crucial business apps and information when they need it – and provide the best possible service to your customers.
  • Suitable to use in environment: Plantation, Distribution Centers, Field Service, Fleet Management, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Ports and Intermodal, Courier/Express, Transportation & Logistics.
  • References:  https://www.honeywellaidc.com/products/computer-devices/handheld/scanpal-eda51
  • Data Sheet: scanpal-eda51-handheld-computer-data-sheet-en
  •  Video: Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 Read Write NFC Tag Honeywell EDA51 Read Write NFC Tag Save